I just wanted to share the comments from many of the children at RICA. From the ones I interacted with, they shared that they worked really hard at their "ratings" in order to attend this party...not just for the presents, but for the food and for the fun that Mosaic always brings. Numerous children thanked us all at the end and just reiterated the messages I was told privately: "We are so grateful for this night because many of us don't have families to celebrate with" or "so many of us can't go home for Christmas." This was both heart-breaking and uplifting, as we were able to provide a bright spot in this tough holiday season. I was personally moved by the relationship I have begun with one student in particular...Rebecca. I met her this summer during the Impact Week Ice Cream Social. When I saw her again last night, months later, she came right up to me and even remembered my name. She commented early on that nobody seems to care about her "in here or out there." I told her that wasn't true and shared with her that I was back because of her, that I cared about her. During the night, she asked more about Mosaic, where it is, what it's all about. While I didn't get into the depth of the Gospel, I invited her to join us one Sunday. She is one of the lucky few who will be going home for a small break, so I invited her to the 3pm Christmas Eve service. While she may not come, she seemed excited to bring her boyfriend and "Come and See" for herself. Hopefully that plants a seed that will grow in the future. It is touching to see how just a few hours can change a child's world and how we can share the love of Jesus in this way.

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