Vacation Day @ Mount Clare

I would have never thought that I would be taking a vacation day to volunteer at a inner city Baltimore school. Tucked into to what appeared a very rough nieghborhood my team and I started tackling the walls of a small classroom with significant water damage. We ran out of materials and the principal Gwen and I went to a small hardware store down the street. I witnessed several things that are the normal everyday life in the streets of Baltimore. It was a real eye opener as Gwen spoke of the struggles the kids face on a day to day. Walking through different gang territories having to run not to get beaten up. All these thoughts made the effort we put into making the school a safer and better place then when we entered. It made it all worth it. I want to thank Bob for asking me to join his team because at the time no one had signed up. It was a great experience and others need to join in if they haven’t already and I guaranty that their lives will change. Step up Mosaic let’s rock Baltimore.

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